Seebeck Measurement Systems

MMR's Seebeck Measurement System allows users to make automatic measurements of the temperature-dependent Seebeck potential of metals, semiconductors and other electrically conductive samples over a temperature range from 70 K to 730 K, and from 300K to 730K. Sample mounting is simple permitting rapid interchange of samples. The Seebeck system is compatible with a variety of computers through a USB or RS-232 interface. The MMR Programmable Seebeck Measurement System includes the SB000 Digital Seebeck Controller, the K2000 Digital Temperature Controller, the Seebeck Thermal Stage and accessories, and MMR Technologies Integrated Software Suite.


The Seebeck Thermal Stage includes two pairs of thermocouples. One pair is formed of junctions of copper and a reference material of known Seebeck emf. The other pair is formed of junctions of copper and the material whose Seebeck emf is to be determined. The system uses a sophisticated parametric double reference measurement technique developed at MMR Technologies, that yields precise, highly reproducible results, even with difficult samples.


Detail of Seebeck
Thermal Stage
MMR Seebeck stages cover
a wide operating range
All alumina stage allows measurements at temperatures above 400K.
BLACK: Studied Material
RED: Reference Material
Polyimide stage allows measurements
at temperatures below 400K.




  • All new Digital Temperature and Seebeck Controllers!
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 70K to 730K
  • Highly accurate and highly reproducible Seebeck Coefficient measurements - 50 nV
  • Mismatch of Gains of reference and test channels: <0.1%
  • Minimum Heater Step Size: 0.1 mW
  • Automatic operation in a single step against an internal reference material.
  • Ease of measurement of samples ranging from metals to thin films.
  • Number of Readings Automatically Averaged: Up to 128
  • Stand alone Seebeck Experiments at ambient temperature
  • Full Software Suite provided for all measurements
  • Sample Length: >2 mm and <10 mm
  • Power available to heat the sample: 0.1 mWatt to 1 Watt
  • Power Input: 110 V, 60 Hz and 220 V, 50 Hz


MMR Seebeck Effect Measurement System Brochure, click here.

MMR SB1000 User Manual, click here.