Optical Studies Systems



MMR offers a selection of systems that will allow you to perform a range of optical studies. This chart will help you select the right system for your needs, providing links to additional information on specific systems.


MMR Optical
Reflection Experiments Refaction Experiments Transmission Experiments Raman Experiments
System I 6mm or 12mm
(with interleaf—
25mm or 31mm)
Yes Yes No No
System IT Yes Yes Yes No
System IIB 12mm Yes Yes No No
System IIB Raman 12mm Yes Yes Possible with
special chambera
System IIT 3mm or 6mm Yes Yes Yes Possible with
special chamberb
Microprobe 29mm Yes Yes Possible with
special platec
  • A modification on the standard Raman chamber can provide four windows instead of three.
  • A special System IIT chamber can be made with two removable window mounts on the top and bottom and two fixed side windows.
  • The Microprobe chamber can have a special bottom plate to allow transmission experiments.

MMR Optical Studies System Brochure, click here.