General Purpose and Custom Cryo Coolers

For years MMR Technologies has been the leading provider of Closed Cycle Kleemenko Cryocoolers. These low-cost refrigerator systems use a single-stream, throttle-expansion cycle of a mixture of refrigerants and have been used over the past decade to provide stable, maintenance-free temperatures down to 85K.


Kleemenko coolers are closely related to Joule-Thomson coolers. In J-T cooling, compressed gases pass down a counter-current heat exchanger before being allowed to expand through a capillary or throttling valve. Cooling occurs upon expansion and the cool gas passes back up the heat exchanger, pre-cooling the incoming high-pressure gas. In the Kleemenko cycle it is not a gas that expands, but rather a mixture of gas and liquid. One or more liquid-vapor separators may be incorporated into the cycle so the expansion of the liquid can be used to pre-cool the vapor.


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MMR General Purpose Cryo Coolers

MMR can provide customized Kleemenko cooler systems that will meet your specific instrumentation or OEM needs. These customized cooler systems come with a cold head that can be integrated into a variety of applications and instrumentation settings, such as ultra high vacuum. MMR’s coolers have been used to cool a wide range of technologies from HpGE detectors, FLIR sensors, low-noise amplifiers, and X-ray detectors. All coolers feature low vibration and electrical isolation making them perfect for sensitive instumentation. If removing cryogens from your experimental setup is of interest – we can help you determine the best set up to meet your cooling capacity and experimental setup.



Custom Vacuum Cryostats and Interfaces

On request MMR’s cryostats can be configured for your specific application or needs. Customizations include vacuum flange type, cold finger length, cold finger geometry and umbilical length. In some cases the cooler capacity can be optimized for a specific temperature range should your application require it.



Variable Temperature

For applications requiring variable temperature, MMR's GP Cooler Temperature Controller is a self contained add-on to cryostats providing stable temperatures from 85K to 550K. All temperature controllers include power measurements, temperature plotting and control software for automatic temperature profiles.


With the ability to set temperature remotely via a computer or stand-alone, temperature control has never been so easy.















Cooler Specifications

Voltage: 115VAC 60hz or 220V 50hz

Power: 350-500W

Compressor Noise: 60dB at 3FT

Compressor Operating Temperature: 40F to 85F

Cooldown Time: <40minutes to 85K unloaded

Run time/Duty: 0-100%

Umbillical Length: 10FT (Customizable)

Compressor Dimensions: 13.5”x11”x11”

Compressor Weight: 36lbs

Cryostat Weight: 9lbs

Electrical Isolation: Yes


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