K2000 Digital Temperature Controllers

Designed with the user and ease of use in mind, the K2000 Digital Temperature Controller offers a flexible platform for experiments using the cryogenic cooling and Joule Thompson thermal stage systems of MMR Technologies. The controller provides:


  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Precise and highly stable temperature control
  • An easy to use data acquisition and control software interface
  • Wide range of temperature operation control
  • Ability to programmable temperature ramping and cycling experiments





  • Standalone operation, computer software not needed
  • Operating Temperature: 60 K to 1000 K*
  • Excellent temperature setability and stability
  • Temperature monitor
  • Monitors platinum RTD temperature sensors
  • Heater power monitor
  • Digital User Ports
  • Thermostat / Alarm Outputs
  • Dual temperature live monitoring experiments
  • Programmable, custom, multi step temperature ramping
  • Heat Capacity Experiments
  • Self learning PID, with customizable control constant
  • Integrated MMR Software Suite
  • Small compact size - half the size of the old K-20 Controller


The K2000 Controller is capable of measuring temperatures from 60K to 1000K but MMR Technologies only has stages available from 70K to 730K.


MMR K2000 Digital Temperature Controller Brochure,click here.

K2000 Installation Guide, click here.