SB1000 Digital Seebeck Controller

Designed with the user and ease of use in mind, the SB1000 Digital Seebeck Effect Controller offers a reliable platform for experiments using the cryogenic cooling and Joule Thompson thermal stage systems of MMR Technologies, integrated with the Seebeck Vacuum Chamber. The controller provides


  • Highly accurate and highly reproducible Seebeck Coefficient measurements - 50 nV
  • Precise and highly stable temperature control (when coupled with the K2000 Temperature controller
  • Ease of measurement of samples ranging from metals to thin films
  • Automatic operation in a single step against an internal reference material
  • Small, compact size
  • Stand alone room temperature measurements (without the need for an external temperature controller)




  • Real time voltage monitoring
  • 50nV resolution in measurements
  • Stand alone Seebeck Experiments at ambient temperature
  • Simplified cabling
  • Shielded link cable
  • Improved CMR ADS stability
  • Chamber hot swap support
  • Integrated MMR Software Suite
  • Small compact size - 1/4 the size of the old SB-100 Controller