Share Your Innovative MMR Applications
With the World...

This is a new section of the MMR website that gives you an opportunity to tell the world what interesting and innovative things you're doing with MMR micro-cryogenic products and technology...


Whether you're in a university, an R&D lab or a commercial industry — whether you're working in materials science, solid-state characterization, biological or medical research or any other discipline involving microcryogenics — if you're doing challenging work and find MMR equipment helpful, we'd like to hear about it. And we're sure your colleagues would, too, so we plan to publish some of the most interesting ones right here!


You can keep it short and simple. And you need not divulge any proprietary detail. Simply describe your project and how MMR technology helped, using an outline similar to this...

  1. Project Description and Objective(s)
  2. Project Challenge(s)
  3. What MMR Equipment Was Used, and How
  4. How Objectives Were Achieved and Challenges Overcome
  5. Results/Summary


If you're interested in sharing your microcryogenic wisdom with the world, click here for a PDF copy of the submission guidelines and the submission form.



Or, have you already published a journal article that mentions MMR equipment?

If so, you will be interested in the MMR Dollars Program which compensates you for letting us know about it. For more details, click here.