Get MMR Dollars for All Journal Articles
Featuring MMR Equipment

Have you published – or are you going to publish – an article featuring MMR equipment in a professional journal or magazine? You may be eligible to receive compensation in MMR Dollars...

For each eligible article MMR will award an MMR Dollars certificate with a value of $250 U.S. dollars, good on future purchases of MMR products and systems. If you're a prolific writer you can receive multiple certificates, and you may even combine them on a single purchase if you wish.

Note that there is no eligibility cut-off on how long ago the article may have been published. If we do not yet have a copy of your specific article and if it meets all the other requirements, then it is eligible and the MMR Dollars are yours!


To start accumulating MMR Dollars, just send us the following:


  1. A PDF copy of your article as it appeared in the publication
  2. A completed MMR Submission Form (click here to download)
  3. An overview of the experiment or application you described in your article — following the MMR Submission Guidelines (click here to download) — because we may want to summarize the work in an online article on this website.
  4. Copyright-free, high-resolution graphic images (graphs, photos, schematics, etc.) that support the essential points of the article. Note that these graphics may be similar to but not identical to the graphics used in the originally published article if the original publisher holds the copyrights.


For a complete list of rules governing the MMR Dollars program, click here.